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The Empathy Way Childrens’ Book Series

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The Empathy Way children’s book collection includes:

Insides Out

Laney the bonobo introduces young children to the concept of empathy: what it is, why it’s important, and how to do it. She shows how empathy feels good, builds good family and friend relationships, and how empathy goes two ways, back and forth. Cute pictures of bonobo apes engage and delight young and old alike.

I’m Different You’re Different

Jenga the bonobo teaches a poignant lesson about using empathy to connect with others who are “different.” Ridiculously cute photographs of bonobo apes illustrate the story of Jenga and Kaleb (a bald bonobo who looks different).

At first, Jenga and his friends assume Kaleb is weird. But then empathy helps them move past their assumptions and get to know him. To their surprise and delight, Kaleb is funny and talented! Jenga and his friends discover a wonderful lesson about finding the secret value in everyone, even the outcasts.

You Scared Me!

Jenga and Laney are playing and minding their own business, when a bigger bonobo, Neeley, starts to harass them. Expressive photographs of bonobo apes illustrate how it feels to be bullied, what kids should do, and how adults can intervene effectively.

The adults use empathy to help Neeley  understand the reasons for her bad behavior and how she can  get her wish to feel big and important in less hurtful ways. An important book  in helping young children develop empathy to prevent bullying.

Teacher’s Manual

The accompanying Teacher’s Manual outlines the Empathy in Education Program: it provides an overview of research, guidelines for creating an empathic classroom environment, and a teacher’s guide for using The Empathy Way book series in class.

It offers ideas for additional classroom activities and supplemental materials, as well as a special section about understanding bullying and how to respond/intervene.

The Teacher’s Guide also presents The Empathy Buddy Program (which pairs an older student with a younger student for a mentor- type connection) and the Empathy at Home Program (which involves parents in generating empathic relationships.)

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