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Concierge Psychotherapy

Only available in Ohio | Anne Wessels-Paris, PhD Ohio Psychologist License #4933

Receive first-class, personalized care with total privacy.  Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, parenting, relationships, or creative blocks, we will work together to understand your inner experience and to help you build strength and resilience so you can be at your best.

My approach is focused on listening to and understanding you, and appreciating the complexities and uniqueness of your experience. Together we can make sense of your symptoms or blocks, as well as your hopes and dreams. My goal is for you to feel understood, safe, and respected–which leads forward to problem-solving and self-growth.

$150 (50-minutes)
or purchase a package of 10 sessions for $1250 ($125 per session)
$250 (90-minutes)

*I accept payment from credit card, Paypal, and Venmo


Does my insurance pay for sessions?

I am not an insurance provider but many insurance plans have out-of-network benefits that may cover a portion of the cost.  Being out of network affords you the highest level of confidentiality and privacy.  If you choose to submit claims to your insurance, I will provide you a detailed receipt for services.  

* I can accept payment from an HSA (Health Savings Account), credit card, check, cash, or Paypal

"We know what we need: to feel special, to feel safe, to feel understood, and to feel connected."